All the information, concerning Vilnius University dormitories (adresses, costs, conditions, paychecks, etc), can be found: Also, students can contact Vilnius University Department of Common Matters:; Tel. No: +370 5 2687 058

How to apply

First of all, one has to register online: The applicant will be informed (through e-mail) whether he or she was or was not given a room in a dormitory. When given, student has to pay deposit of 200 litas (57.92 euro) within three days and then sign the agreement. Preference is given to:
  • Complete orphans (copies of death certificates are neccessary);
  • students from families, which, according to Lithuanian Republic Law of Monetary Social Support for Needy Families and Lone living Persons, get or have a right to get social support;
  • students who have only one of their parients (certificate, representing the
  • composition of student’s family or death certificate is neccessary);
  • students from large families with three or more children who are under 25 and study at schools or universities (certificate, representing the composition of student’s family is necessary);
  • students who have 55% or lower working capacity;
  • students who study in government-funded places.