About us

Vilnius University Students' Representation (Lith. acronym. VU SA)


VU SA is an independent, non-profit orientated, non-political organization which represents the interests of all students of Vilnius University (VU); VU SA is a filter which „absorbs“ the problems of students and solves it; VU SA is a medium in which the opportunities for an independent improvement are being created; VU SA is a kind of a student university where citizen duties, responsibility and creativity can be learned; VU SA is an idea with which you go to sleep and wake up; VU SA consists of students and is aimed at students.


VU SA acts for students:
  • acts for the good of students (defends the rights of students in governing organs of VU and beyond the boundaries of VU);
  • improves the process of studies (ensures the quality of studies by offering essential changes, helps in the process of writing appeals or in choosing optional courses);
  • takes care of social welfare (endeavors to achieve the fulfillment of basic students’ physiological needs, initiates the mounting of the rest zones, participates in the distribution of scholarships);
  • organizes meaningful leisure activities (in order to make the time spent at the university unforgettable);
  • spreads information (in order to make the most important news known to all students).


VU SA offers to find one‘s unlimited opportunities. A person may join these programmes of VU SA: „Without labels“, tutors programme, „ Do not crib“. Moreover, a person may try his/her skills in these VU SA clubs: photography and cinema, Kendo. Also, a persone may join the biggest VU SA projects, such as a students‘ newspaper „Studentu era“ and the radio station „Start FM“.


The subdivision of VU SA can be found in every faculty of VU, the central VU SA office can be found in the main chamber of VU (in the courtyard of observatory). Also, VU SA has its profile in Facebook and Youtube.


VU SA (the meaning of acronym: „Unanimously For The Future Of Students!“)